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NINETY TO THE DOZEN has earned a stellar reputation for their energetic Irish music and fun-loving performances. They have been dubbed "Minnesota's Favorite Irish Pub Music Band" by fans and venues alike throughout Northern Minnesota. Their ability to pack venues and get audiences in a fun mood has a lot to do with their overwhelming popularity from an eager public seeking out Irish traditional music. 

NINETY TO THE DOZEN got its start in February of 2009 when several well-established Irish-trad musicians living in Northern Minnesota decided it would be fun to get together somewhere and share a few tunes. They contacted a popular restaurant along the North Shore of Lake Superior in the dead of winter to see if they would mind some music. As it turned out, the weather that night was a blustery -23°F with a 35-below wind chill.  "Should have the place all to ourselves tonight," quipped one of the musicians after hearing the forecast on television that morning.  

Apparently the weather didn't become the expected deterrent, because despite the bone-chilling cold in the dead of a Minnesota winter, every table was filled and dozens of folks were standing in every possible nook and cranny they could find. Someone went out for a bit of air during a break in the music and encountered several vehicles parked along the highway with their engines running. A driver rolled down his window and shouted "Is someone planning on leaving? A bunch of us have been waiting out here for a while to get a table!" Their energetic music had an instant following that has steadily grown with their popularity, and the fun they have in playing their music carries over to their audiences.

From that auspices beginning NINETY TO THE DOZEN has gone on to draw crowds in concerts, festivals and venues throughout Northern Minnesota. They are also available for special events, weddings, and at private and corporate events throughout the region.

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NINETY TO THE DOZEN is comprised of six musicians from various Irish cultural backgrounds and experience, all sharing a common commitment to the Irish music and traditions of their upbringing.

CHUCK BUTLER gets his musical influences from a number of disciplines, but. he is influenced most by the style of fiddle music passed  down in his family from Co. Donegal in Ireland. He also tours and performs nationally and  internationally with  other musicians.

MARK MONROE has both Scottish and Irish roots and performs Irish music on the fiddle. He has performed internationally at festivals and on radio and television in the US and Canada. His fiddle playing is matched perfectly to that of Chuck Butler  in a double-fiddle style of performance. 

CAMERON BUTLER draws on family roots from places like Scotland, Newfoundland and Co. Donegal in Ireland for his music. He is known most for his guitar playing that adds additional energy to the mix. Cameron also performs on guitar with the group Double Fiddles.

RANDY ELLESTAD has a passion for the Irish button accordion. He's the captain of a schooner and that is likely what gives a bit of a 'maritime' feel to his Irish accordion music. If things ever get too serious, Randy can always be counted upon to lighten the mood and get everyone smiling.

SUE SPENCER comes by her Irish roots through Newfoundland, off the East Coast of Canada. She has performed internationally  as part of such well-known groups such as Willowgreen and McInnis' Kitchen. Her vocals have a Newfoundland feel, and her driving guitar style and signature smile lift your spirits.

JIM OFSTHUN is considered one of the top producers in Irish music in the Midwest and is a talented vocalist and instrumentalist with international performances on Irish bodhrán, guitar, button accordion and tin whistle. His family connections to the music include Ireland and Newfoundland.

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