If it's not March 17 - it's not St. Patrick's Day!

Duluth's Grand St. Patrick's Day Celebration
March 17, 2013 • Clyde Iron • Duluth, MN

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It's St. Patrick's Day, not St. Patty's Day, St. Patty's Day is not an Irish event. In fact, there is no Saint Patty that we are aware of in existence. St. Patty's Day infers that St. Patrick was a woman, ans St. Patty is a femanine name. St. Patty's Day should be referred to as St. Patrick's Day, or at least St. Paddy's Day. Paddy is the shortend version of "Patrick" while Patty is the shortened version of "Patricia." It seems in America there is a lot of incorrect use of the term "St. Patty's Day" and often comes from bars that want to capitalize on Irish culture to get people into their bars in mid-March. That may be well-intended, but has no basis in St. Patrick's Day. The use of the term "St. Patty's Day " is often a tip off that some enterprising drinking establishment is clueless about true Irish culture and tradition. Worse yet, these sort of establioshments feed a negative "St. Patty's Day" stereotype that implies Irish people are drunken party animals - when that vast, vast majority of drunken party animals that celebrate St. Patty's Day are actually American's with little or no Irish acenstery (most often college-age individuals) who use the holiday as an excuse to get wasted.

Clyde Iron is hosting an event in Duluth, Minnesota that seeks to replace the negative "St. Patty's Day" stereotypes> In Duluth, MN the Irish have long been a portion of the community dating back to the early days of DUluth, MN. Duluth, MN hopes to overcome this negative stereotype of "St. Patty's Day" events by offering a family-friendly event for Duluth, MN.